Self care is something I think we all need to spend more time doing. Taking moments to care of yourself instead of focusing solely on work or kids or whatever else it is. I believe that if we can give to ourselves, then we can give more to others. So yah. I believe this. It doesn’t mean I practice this. I absolutely suck at taking time for myself.

I don’t think it is an easy change to make. If you are someone who gives so much to others, it is a major shift to start thinking of yourself more. But I think it can be something to achieve. Start small? Maybe it is as little as taking two minutes to sit and breathe and reflect on the day. Or taking the time to make yourself tea. Or getting a babysitter so you can spend some quality time with your husband. Or getting to the gym or yoga class.  Or even just talking kindly to yourself. Mindful self care. Seems easy right?

I am going to be tracking my daily self care on my Instagram stories feed in order to make sure I give myself some love. Because I deserve it!

I would love to know what others do for mindful self care on a daily basis?


Taking some time to enjoy a latte and a donut.