This morning I had to do a long run for my marathon training so I went for a 20km run along the Thames River. It was so beautiful and made the run a lot easier. Here are a couple shots from that run. (I was a total tourist and brought my camera along with me).

View of the Thames

Rowers on the Thames

Jen and I decided to go shopping this morning before heading to our Buckingham Palace tour. We hit Oxford Street, Carnaby Street. Seems like elastic waisted pants are making a comeback along with the body suit. I so remember wearing those and don’t ever plan to wear another one. Jen was sure she saw the exact crushed velvet one she use to rock back in the day. So ridiculous! For lunch we found this little Noodle Shop called Cha Cha Moon in Kingley Court…a little courtyard with a few shops and restaurants in it.The food was pretty good but the Guava Bellini’s were inspired. We could have stayed there all afternoon but had a few more stores to hit.

Liberty Department Store

We booked the last tour of the day at Buckingham Palace. I guess they only open up the State Rooms one month a year so I was lucky to have been able to see inside. The rooms are extravagant and beautiful. So much detail put in to each and every room. I wish we could have taken some pictures but there were no cameras allowed. They showed some of the gowns that Queen Elizabeth wore at various trips around the world, Canada being one of them. They also showed some of the gifts that she had received from those trips. The artifacts from Canada included a hockey puck from the Montreal Canadiens, native art and jade polar bear statues. It was a great opportunity to see a glimpse in to that life.

Buckingham Palace

To debrief the visit to Buckingham Palace, Jen and I hit a few pubs on the way home. Chilled out for a bit and waited till George got home before heading out to a pub in their neighbourhood: The Sloaney Pony.

The Sloaney Pony

Loved the typical pub fare which of course I did not partake in. Not sure why anyone would want to eat pork cheeks. 

 The menu

 Not a crazy night as both Jen and George have to work tomorrow and I have a big day ahead of me.