Today was my last full day in London. I really had nothing on the agenda today which was kind of refreshing.

I got up early and relaxed fror a while before going out for a run. I just had to do an easy 30 minutes today as I gear down for the marathon which is in just a couple days. I ran along the other side of the Thames for something a little different.

Running along the Thames

I needed to buy another bag to take home with me. I was just over the limit coming here so with the few purchases I bought I needed to be able to split up the load! I walked down Putney street and found what I was looking for. I spent the rest of the afternoon organizing and packing.

It was really raining today so I went to see a movie to stay dry and pass some time but got soaked again on the way home.

Right now we are just chilling out. Not going to do anything but relax tonight as I have to be at the airport early. My flight leaves at 11am so I need to be at the airport around 8:30. Jen and George are going to help me carry my bags up the tube station stairs tomorrow morning and then off I go to the airport.

It truly has been an amazing trip. One that I will never forgot. I felt like I got to see and do so much. And spend time with some great friends at the same time. I am ready to go home though. Ready to run this marathon. Ready to get back to my life.