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Arlana, Jonathan and I sent out on an adventure today, not knowing how the day was going to unfold. We knew we were going to head to Agassiz to see my first horse Chinook, but after that? No idea.

We set out on the road and got to the barn thanks to GPS! The barn Chinook is at is beautiful. Big property with an indoor and outdoor arena and lots of fields!

I was able to chat a bit with the person who worked at the barn as we walked to see Chinook who was in one of the fields. Apparently, everyone loves him which doesn’t come as a shock! He looked so great! All fuzzy with his winter coat grown in. It had been 10 years since I had seen him. For whatever reason I just felt it was important for me to see him with my own eyes and make sure he was doing ok!

I fed him carrots and apples and got in the field with him. It has been a while since I have been around horses but it felt like yesterday. He still had that kind look in his eye. The same Chinook. Just older.

It was amazing to have Arlana and Jonathan there to share this with me. It wouldn’t have been the same if I had gone on my own.  So with one last carrot and one last hug….we moved on.

Harrison Hot Springs was just 6km from the barn, so we thought we would head there for lunch. We ended up at the Settlers Pub and had so many laughs. I could try and explain what we were laughing at but it probably wouldn’t be funny. Seriously, people were looking at us and smiling because we were just killing ourselves!  Oh the stomach pains from the giggles!

We then walked up the beach path for a bit enjoying the beautiful fall day! I love this time of the year because of the intense colours of the leaves!

Arlana, Jonathan and me in front of Harrison Lake

We decided to then really check out Agassiz…well we drove through it because it really isn’t a big town. So we hit the road again and after some driving ended up in Cloverdale looking for a pumpkin patch. The day could not have ended better. Taking a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Carefully looking through to find the perfect pumpkin.

The hay ride

Our pumpkins!

And it would not be complete without the pumpkin patch dance.


What a great day! Nothing like spending a day of adventure and laughter with great friends. I look forward to our next one. We have a few planned out already!