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I love all seasons. Each season has a special place in my heart. The Spring because the Cherry Blossoms start coming out and the days start to get longer. The summer because of all the outdoorsy stuff we get to do. BBQ’s, hiking, patios, beach time. The fall because of the changing of the leaves and the crisp fresh air. And then there is winter where the mountains are covered in snow and it is time to grab that snowboard and get up that mountain. My mountain therapy.

View from Cypress

I don’t know what it is about snowboarding that puts a smile on my face. I practically giggle all the way down a run. There is a sense of freedom I feel. There is a peacefulness too. Its almost like this calm comes over me and it is just me and the mountain.

A quiet moment on Blackcomb

I love the social aspect of riding too. Going up with friends and spending the day exploring different runs. Having good laughs with each other.

Me and Sue on Whistler

And then there is the apres ski/ride. Its the perfect end to the day. Grabbing a beer at the pub and debriefing with friends on how their day was.

I can’t wait to get back up there. Whistler opens this weekend! It’s on!