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Last night I went to the USA vs Norway sledge hockey game. I was a little upset that Canada played at noon since I assumed Canada would be playing the later game if (or should I say  when) they made the semi finals. But I knew that regardless of who was playing, it was going to be a fun night out watching this amazing sport.

With Sumi prior to the game at Thunderbird Arena.

What a great night! It has to be said, that I think it was the most fun I have ever had at a hockey game. The vibe in the arena was amazing. Lots of fans from both USA and Norway but also a lot of Canadian fans,  once again wearing their Olympic uniforms of Canada gear! The music that they pumped out had everyone clapping and singing a lot. Someone even got a good wave going!!

Byron and Adrian cheering for Norway!

Although USA won the game 3-0, it was a great game to watch. These athletes are so inspirational. They were dealt a raw deal in their lives and instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they still pursued their dreams! And we got a chance to witness them living that dream! It truly was a fantastic thing to see.

The Norwegian team thanks the Referees after the game.

Once again, another great Olympic experience spent with good friends.