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Tick another item off the bucket list.

I had gone to NHL, NBA and MLB games but had yet to go to an NFL game and I really wanted to experience it. We are lucky to have the Seattle Seahawks so close by and who doesn’t like a road trip!

Some friends and I headed to Seattle on a Saturday afternoon to get some shopping in and enjoy the night life prior to the Sunday football game. We had a great dinner at a seafood restaurant that served half priced bottles of wine. Of course we indulged although maybe with one too many bottles! And enjoyed a jazz/blues bar in Pioneer Square before calling it a night. I really wish I could share the video that i took at the end of the night. Best drunken conversations ever. My friends would kill me though.


We woke up in the morning a little worse for wear but grabbed some greasy grubb and headed to the stadium. I couldn’t get over the amount of people. 60,000 plus people filled the stadium. And was it ever loud. I mean LOUD!!! Every time the opposition touched the ball the stadium was filled with boos. The guy behind us had a set of lungs on him… ridiculous that one person could be that loud. But it was all a part of the game.

Another part of the game, drunken fans! After the first half things really took a turn for the worse. The guy standing next to me was a complete wreck. He kept hitting my arm but was so drunk he didn’t even realize it! When I saw he was about to walk down those steep steps, I was seriously concerned for his safety. He could have toppled over at any moment. And then there was the girl a couple of rows in front of us who passed out and then proceeded to throw up on herself. Seriously? I get the whole tail gaiting thing but is that really necessary?

The drunk revellers aside,what a fun game to watch. The fans are really what makes the game fun! It’s the fans that create that fun, energetic environment. We had a blast and would definitely go again!