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We got back from Halong Bay late and had no idea if there was going to be room in the hotel we stayed at before. Thankfully they found room for us! Seriously, it you are in Hanoi, stay at the Serenity Hotel. You will not be disappointed!!

We left almost immediately to get some dinner. The hotel recommended a place close by called Highway 4. Amazing! Another Lonely Planet recommendation as well. They even have a line of  liquors that you can buy. I kind of wish I had now. Not a late night. After 8 hours round trip in a car, it was time for bed.

We had no real plans for the next morning. In the afternoon we had booked a massage and then it was dinner and apres dinner for Susan’s birthday. We came down for breakfast and our favourite guy who worked at the hotel said “Happy Birthday!”. I guess he had looked at Sue’s passport when we checked in! So we had our usual breakfasts and then we decided to just walk around and check out parts of Hanoi that we hadn’t seen yet. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. We decided on the Green Tangerine. We were the only ones on the patio and ordered a feast! Holy moly did we eat a lot! After a few birthday/lunch cocktails it seemed appropriate to go find a place for another beer. We walked towards a location that was suggested in the LP but that place ended up being closed. So we backtracked to a place we had seen earlier. EZ Rider. I loved this place! And more so loved the manager. He was playing Backstreet Boys so I asked him about the band and if he liked them. He said he did and went on to tell us how much tickets were etc. He was totally cute! He told us that it was also a club and they have a backroom with a dance floor. We told him we might come back later to check it out! Most bars in Vietnam close at midnight but EZ Rider club stayed open late.

Off for our massage appointment. The funny thing about the place we booked at is that it was actually the place we wanted to go to a couple days prior but couldn’t find (SF Spa).  It was way better! Your typical spa with serene music and everyone quiet and respectful. Damn! We wasted money at that other place! The massage was fantastic. I fell asleep a couple times. We walked out of there totally out of it from being so relaxed. Until Susan says “Wow, I have never had my boobs massaged before”. Gutteral laughter ensued. Um what? I said to her that it must have been a birthday special because I certainly did not get that!

When we got into our hotel room, we saw red roses and a birthday cake. How nice is it that the hotel did that? Susan was so moved!

We decided on a place for dinner. It was packed when we got there but we managed to squeeze into the bar while we waited for our table. Good thing we got a table right away as we were getting no service at the bar. The food was fantastic. I know I sound like a broken record but I mean it when i have said that we didn’t eat a bad meal in Vietnam.

On to Le Pub! We settled in with some large beers and a jager bomb to get the night going!

After buying a t-shirt, taking a bunch of pictures and talking with the manager, we walked back to EZ Rider. The manager was still there! We chatted with him some more. He actually is brought into various bars to start them up. I talked with him about what he was doing advertising wise. Oh come on…. it is what I do!!! I always have the marketing hat on!

After some more drinks, we ventured to the back “club”. Such a vast different from the bar out front.

 We stayed maybe half hour or so but knew that one more drink would put us over the edge so we made our walk back to the hotel. Of course getting lost in the process. Thanks goodness for Jason and his iphone. GPS!! The crazy thing about our walk is that there is really no one on the streets. The busy Hanoi streets of the day are long gone and a quiet takes over. Kind of strange!

When we got back we dug into the cake! Did we ever. I would say when I woke up there was only 1/3rd of the cake left. Yummy!

Sue wasn’t feeling very well the next morning, so Jason and I wandered down to the Vietnam History Museum. They had some really cool artifacts. But really we just walked around Hanoi. Nothing on the agenda. Just taking it all in.

We met up with Susan later and went to the Water Puppets show! It was fun! Although I am not sure I would see it again but I do I think everyone should experience it!

Since this was our last night in Hanoi and our last night with Jason, we wanted to go out for a nice dinner. We chose Five Restaurant. We did it up right! Appies. Entrees. Desserts and of course wine. A bottle or two. Just really took our time. The craziest thing happened at the restaurant. I has just tweeted about our meal when someone at another table asked me if I had just tweeted?? She must have been following a Hanoi feed and saw my Tweet. It was so strange! We now follow each other on Twitter!

We wanted to check out Ho Kiem Lake at night so after dinner we headed there. Very cool when it is all lit up.


We then strolled through the night market. Didn’t see anything worth buying mind you but it was fun regardless! Loved all the colours that we saw as we walked though. So vibrant!

So with that, we made our way one last time through the streets of Hanoi and back to the hotel. An early morning to the airport to say goodbye to Jason and make our way via Vietnam Airlines to Hoi An.