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I hate dieting. I want to be able to eat what I want when I want it but that is not reality. I have some weight to lose and therefore a diet is a must.

I took a “before” picture the other night and it was an eye opener. After I spent the evening in the fetal position, I woke up feeling better. I am not going to let that picture depress me but motivate me.

So the diet…For the month of January my boyfriend and I are being pretty strict with what we are eating. No booze. No sweets. No fun! We are on day 5 and it is a struggle but I know it will get easier.

After January I think it is fair to say we won’t be “dieting” but we will have made a lifestyle shift. A shift to healthier eating and being less strict. Being able to have that sweet when we want it but just not having it all the time. As they say…. everything in moderation. We are going to cut down the alcohol intake to maybe a couple times a week as well. Although I love my wine, I frankly would rather look good in a bikini.

I think this is also a great opportunity to be creative with healthy food and be reminded that healthy food does taste good or can! Which also means I am going to have to cook. So if you have recipes, please let me know! I could use all the help!

Wish us luck!!