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Picture me with boxing gloves and shin guards on facing the eyes of a guy who is about to come at me with kicks and punches. My eyes wide with the look of fear. Looking around the room, for someone who understands. Anyone? Bueller? I catch the eye of a smiling face and start to laugh. This is what kickboxing has become to me. A place of laughter, a place of comraderie and as a bonus, a place to get fit. 

I started kickboxing eight months ago thinking it was just going to be a switch from my regular boring gym routine. But found friends, support and fun! We go through these crazy ass hour long workouts where you arms and/or legs are burning so badly you can hardly go on but there is always someone there, telling you not to give up, that you can do it, that its almost over, and to give it your all for that last little bit. These people really have become friends. People you can count on to get you through it. And although the classes are intense, I can’t even count the number of times that I have laughed so hard that I could barely continue.

So yes I have to face some guys who seriously think they are going to be the next GSP but in between those moments of panic, are moments I relish and I walk away each and every time with a smile on my face.

Kickboxing really has become my happy place. Who knew?