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I never thought I would be sitting around a computer screen critiquing the amount of mayo on a burger but here I am. Food photography is actually quite precise and there are a lot of people involved. Marketing people, operations people, food stylists, agency reps, creative people & of course the photographer. Lots of people to get one shot right. People in studio right now…10.

It can take up to four hours to get one shot done but especially a burger shot. We start with a stand in (yes, even food have their own stand ins) to get the lighting and angles right. Then the “hero” dish/burger gets put on set and that’s when the real work begins. More mayo here, less relish there, angle the cheese that way, clip that piece of lettuce. Don’t under promise. Don’t over promise. The food gets serious attention from everyone.

But it can be like watching paint dry. Waiting, waiting and more waiting while the “hero” is being built by our very talented food stylist. And…just had to go to set to make a decision about a chicken strip. I had them change this one piece four times but ended up using the original piece but just angled it to make it look more interesting. Yup, chicken strips can be interesting. Why not?

Ok, the “hero” burger is now on being built so must go work my magic.

Quote of the day: “There is some great bubble action from that glass”.