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I am now into my 10th week of my marathon training program and really loving my runs. I have found a great new running group whom I met through kickboxing. They also enjoy an early morning 7am start and prefer to run on Saturdays in the summer so we can enjoy our Saturday nights!

I have also and not surprisingly gotten my first training injury. I had been having some pains in my lower leg above the ankle. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with a classic overuse injury and was told to rest. So what do i do? I run 26km on Saturday. Well, I have never been good at taking direction or sitting still. I am going to rest this week and not do the 19km run this coming weekend though. Hopefully that will do the trick along with icing and the anti-inflammatories I was prescribed. Seems like my body just can’t do all of those extra kilometres without having something go wrong. The good news is my IT band which is what gave me problems the last marathon seems to be just fine!

I am looking forward to the next weeks of training as we really start to get in to the higher km’s. I feel like the race is just around the corner. I guess it kind of is…10 weeks to go!!