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Well I have 6 weeks to go until the Victoria marathon. My training is going ok. I was really having great runs until the 29km run which I really struggled with.  Just had on off day. No energy. Lead legs. Those kind of runs can really throw your confidence but I came back with a solid 18km run with a really good pace the next week. That put me back feeling good about where I was at in my training. And then of course as per every time I train for something, I got sick and have missed the last week of running and a big 32km run this weekend. Being sick totally throws you off. I hate sitting still and not doing anything and I always feel like its starting from scratch. I am now feeling better and I am so excited to get back to it this week. I am going to try and get in 3 solid runs during the week with some hills training on Wednesday and then rock out a 35km run on Saturday. We have a really cool route mapped out which should hopefully keep me entertained along the way. So really just three more long runs to go until we start to taper. I can’t believe this race is just around the corner. I have said this is going to be my last marathon but I don’t know. Maybe this is just the start?