I have never really been a happy person on planes. They scare the crap out of me. The flight to Toronto was great. But walking to the gate of the leg to London had me worried because of the size of the plane. SO HUGE! But the flight was great. I think I actually prefer bigger planes. There were a few turbulent pockets but overall a really good flight. My seat mates were great. A girl heading to back home to Israel and a guy heading to the oil fields close to Africa. We had a good laugh together. I really wanted to sleep this leg so that I could hit London running without any jet lag but my sleeping pill did not kick in till maybe 45 minutes left in the flight which left me totally out of it when we got to London. I barely remember getting to Jen and George’s place (they live in Parson’s Green in a great flat) and had to go to bed immediately. I slept for a couple hours but felt great afterwards. Jen and I then took the bus to Chelsea and walked around there for a bit. Then walked up to Knightsbridge and then back to her place. Had another nap before having to get ready for this Guilty Pleasures party in Camden Town at this old theatre called Koko. We managed to get a VIP room and it was so much fun. So many people. Ridiculous dance group of, well chubby men. Truly funny. had a great time with Jen and a few of her friends. Stayed out until 2:30. Seriously, despite the sleeping pill dilemna…that is the best way to do it. I have no jet lag at all. Went to bed with a stomach full of slouvlaki.

 Me and the girls at the Guilty Pleasures party.


The dance floor at the party.

The dance group.