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I am 1 sleep away from my first vacation since 1993. I have been so busy at work that I really haven’t had a chance to get excited about it, until this morning. Work is organized and just finishing up a few last minute projects. Clockwatching started at 9am so I have a feeling this last day is going to be SO slow.

Not only is this my first vacation in forever but it is my first trip to Europe. It is seriously wrong that I have never been before but I am just so excited to see all that London and Paris has to offer. I know that being over there is going to let loose the travel bug that has been dormant for so long. If you’ve looked at my bucket list, there are so many places that I still want to go. I’m not getting any younger so I am glad that it all starts tomorrow!

I will post as I can throughout my trip with pictures so you can see and hear about what I have been up to!