Today I got up super early to take the tube to the St. Pancras station to the the Eurostar to Paris. The train ride was great although my ears were quite sore throughout. Not sure if it was the pressure or what but chewing some gum seem to do the trick. Thanks to George and his skills of navigating, I knew what metro to take to my hotel. The metro station was only a couple blocks from my hotel. I wasn’t able to check in yet so a dropped off my bag and meandered the streets trying to find my way to the Pantheon. What an amazing structure. Massive really with huge pillars. I was in awe of it all.The crypts were great too. Les Miserable by Victor Hugo is one of my favourite books and he is one of the people laid to rest here.

The Pantheon

Victor Hugo’s crypt

As I was walking to Notre Dame I was asked directions by someone. I find it strange that people keep asking me. Happened in London too. I actaully knew the answers though which is what surprised me though. I love walking the streets of Paris. The buildings are so beautiful. So much character.

I found Notre Dame without too many problems and it was incredible as I expected it to be. So peaceful despite the crowds.  There is just something about those old churches that move you. I was so grateful to be able to take some pictures inside. I spent quite a bit of time in there.

Notre Dame

The beautiful chandeliers of Notre Dame

The plan was to the walk along St Germain des Pres and check out the shops that I could never afford anything from but then I stumbled upon The Great Canadian Pub and well I couldn’t walk by it without going in for a pint so I did. It was a great beer after having walked around for hours.

The Great Canadian Pub

I checked into my hotel which was in the Latin Quarter. I had a short rest before getting changed and heading out for dinner. My plan was to have dinner near the Eiffel Tower and see it all lit up in the night sky. It did not disappoint. I seriously had to pinch myself that I was actually in Paris witnessing this first hand.

Me in front of the Eiffel Tower. A little crooked but when asking people to take your picture, it is what you get!

Took the metro back to my hotel and my first day in Paris was behind me.