Up early and ready to go. I wanted to be at the Louvre right when it opened and it was the right decision. I b-lined it to the Mona Lisa and there was only a few people there. It really is amazing in person. Small, like I had heard, but stunning. Understated and beautiful.

The Mona Lisa

You really could get lost in there and spend all day. I spent a couple of hours at least wandering the halls. I saw so many beautiful paintings and sculptures. Too many to post all the pics I took but truly a great experience being there.

Next on the agenda was to walk down the Champs-Elysees. Went in to a few shops but a lot of the shops are way over my head. But fun walking down anyway. I stopped at a little cafe and had lunch. More bread and cheese! So good! The Arc de Triomphe was just down the street so I hiked the stairs to see the most stunning 360 degree view of Paris. It was a great way to view the city.

A view of the Champs-Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe

I then walked to one of the shopping malls called the Gallerie Lafayette. A beautiful store but again, way too expensive for me. But fun to just walk around and plan what I would buy if I were to ever win the lottery!

I then went to the Rodin Museum. The one sculpture that I wanted to see the most was The Kiss and it was amazing. I took a million pictures of it. Total tourist but seriously, I just love it. The gardens of the museum were beautiful too. I sat down and wrote in my journal. So quiet and relaxing.

Rodin’s “The Kiss”

Me in the garden at the Rodin Museum. Yes, my eyes are closed but again what can you do when others are taking the pictures!

Went for a relaxing dinner near the hotel. I wanted to get to bed early as I had another busy day ahead in the morning.