I wanted to go for one last run in Paris but managed to set both alarms wrong so I was lucky to get up in time to make it to the train station, Gare de Nord, to take the train back to London. It was an absolute gong show in the station. Trying to find where I was supposed to be was a bit of a chore but I manage to get all checked in with about 5 minutes to spare before boarding. I had a great time in Paris but was definitely ready to go back to London.

I was told how crazy the Kings Cross metro station could be on a weekend and I sure witnessed it. Chaos. People being herded to the right metro. You really had to push your way through it all. After about 30 min on the metro and a short walk from Parson’s Green station, I was back at Jen and George’s.

A spent the afternoon blogging and relaxing and then went to meet up with a friend from Vancouver, Paul Meehan, who was in town on business. I hadn’t been to Covent Garden yet, so we went to a pub called Porterhouse. A huge place with loads of different beers. Jen, George and their two friends, who were also from Vancouver, met us there. We definitely sampled some of their beer selection before going to a lounge near by called Light Bar which is in the St. Martins Lane hotel. It’s a small place but really nice and they really know how to make a drink there!

Jen, Paul and Olivia on the iphone

George, Paul and Jen

Just the three of us

It was a great night hanging out with friends and checking out a different area of London.