Sundays are road trip days. We jumped in the car and went off  Woodstock to tour Blenheim Palace, home of the Duke and Duchess of Marborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. It happened to be the Brompton world championship bike race on the grounds that day so we had the pleasure of seeing them at the start. Hilarious outfits. Top hats on top of bike helmuts and tails with shorts.

The Brompton bike race

The palace is beautiful but when going in the doors, never turn left…they trap you in to view “the untold story” of the palace….from room to room you are not allowed to leave until the next part of the story is ready to begin. For a claustrophobic person, doesn’t really work for me. Turning right, you got to wallk through the rooms and see the beautiful paintings, rooms and pictures of the family.

Jen, Malinda and me in front of Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

Walking the grounds was amazing. You could walk forever and feel like you have never reached the end.

The stunning grounds of Blenheim Palace

We then walked through the cute town of Woodstock before heading to the car and driving to Oxford. Loved Woodstock. Such amazing old buildings and houses.


Oxford was next on the agenda. We walked to the Turf Tavern where we had some food and a drink. This is the place that Bill Clinton apparently smoked pot but of course never inhaled.

Turf Tavern Pub in Oxford

The streets of Oxford

At the Head of the River Pub in Oxford

A shot from the Head of the River Pub

More streets of Oxford

Last stop was the Kings Arms Pub. Had one more drink and then headed back to London. It was a great Sunday road trip!

Kings Arms Pub in Oxford