There were a few more sights that I wanted to see today so I tried to get out of the house early but that didn’t seem to happen. It was a rainy day in London so I was slow to get out the door. I got to the British Museum around 10:30 and it was already so busy. It had some interesting exhibits. I spent most of my time in the Egyptian and Greek sections of the museum. Some really interesting artificats and sculptures. I wish it hadn’t have been so busy as I probably would have enjoyed myself more.

A rainy day outsde of the British Museum

The Rosetta Stone: It carries an inscription in different languages which helped decipher the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic script.

Venus (Aphrodite): She was a popular subject with Greek scuptors.

From the British Museum, I wandered through Covent Garden and settled in to a little cafe for lunch before wandering to the southbank. I walked until I hit the Globe Theatre and decided to go in for a tour. I have always loved Shakespeare so it seemed fitting. It was a great history lesson on the original Globe and how Shakespeare was involved. This replica Globe was built with as much as possible the same material, with the same tools etc as the original. It even has a thatched roof! Maybe next time I am in London, I will be able to catch one of the plays put on here.

The Globe stage

The seating at the Globe.

From the Globe, I walked on. It is such a pretty walk with just so much to look at. 

My walk along the Thames

A pub I came across.

I continued along the Thames up to Tower Bridge. What a beauty it is! I stood on it for a bit just watching the people walk by. I wish it had been a better day but I guess I should be used to the rain by now!

Tower Bridge

I had planned to tour Tower of London but as I got there it was just closing. Of course the day I go, they close early. So I took a few pictures from the outside and hurried to St. Pauls Cathedral as it would also be closing soon.

Tower of London

St Paul’s Cathedral was amazing. It is so intricate and detailed. I slowly walked around looking around but mostly up. The ceiling in incredible. I walked up the two hundred something steps to the Whispering Gallery that overlooked the centre of the cathedral. Ridiculous since I am scared of heights. I am sure it was a great view of everything but there were too many people up there and frankly it freaked me out so back down I went. I explored the crypts where the likes of Duke of Wellington, Sir Christopher Wren and Admiral Nelson are buried. All these cathedrals that I have visited in the last week have really blown my mind. There are just no words to describe them.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Walking out of St. Paul’s I felt like I had another great day in London. I only have two more fulls days here. I think tomorrow I might explore some of the neighbourhoods I haven’t had a chance to see yet.