I love the Christmas season! I think it has to do with all of the holiday traditions and the memories. Maybe a little bit about the Christmas parties but mainly about everything else!

I have so many fond memories of my family at Christmas time. The tree that my mom would let us decorate that really was all about tinsel. It looked like a tinsel tree (my moms trees are far from that now!) My mom and dad putting tape across the hallway and we were not allowed to cross that tape in the morning until they had checked if Santa had been. My older brother Jason sleeping on his dresser in hopes of catching a glimpse of santa. Me taking over my other brother Justin’s gift of a Mickey Mouse drum set (there is a priceless picture of me sitting on the drums with a very sad face because I had gotten in trouble). The tradition of opening gifts one by one. Many people might hate this but for me I love giving everyone the attention and seeing their reactions as they open a gift.  The drunk Santa in Hawaii when we spent Christmas there one year. Or the little Christmas tree my mom packed with her so we could still have a tree in Hawaii. The big brunch we all make together after all of the gifts are open. The fabulous Christmas dinner my mom makes for us with all the bells and whistles. My dad sitting in his regular chair, excited about us opening gifts. I especially loved it when my mom opened his gifts. Such love in his eyes.













 Jason and me hanging up our stocking!     

Jason, Justin and me showing off our presents!

My grandma, grandpa, Justin and my dad. Celebrating at Christmas dinner!

A million years ago. My grandma, grandpa, Justin and my dad celebrating at Christmas dinner!

Things have changed a little bit now. Justin was living in Japan so he never made it home but has since moved back so it is great to have him around again at this time of year. Jason is now living in China so he won’t be home this Christmas. My dad’s chair is empty but he is with us on Christmas as we have an ornament with his picture on it and I have continued a tradition of the same stocking gift he used to give my mom.

I have new traditions too. Festival of Lights at Van Dusen with friends. Have been lucky the last 2 years that there has been snow on the ground when we went.

Festival of Lights 2008

Festival of Lights 2009

Every year a group of my friends and have a gift exchange party that is always so much fun filled with laughter!

Christmas gift exchange 2008

And then of course there are the holiday parties. Everyone is slammed with things they are going to at this time of year. Double and triple booked sometimes. Scheduling becomes a nightmare! But it is all good fun!

White Spot Christmas Party 2009

I guess I just love the feeling that Christmas brings. Walking around seeing all the Christmas lights up in the houses and seeing their Christmas trees up. The lights around the city. Spending time with friends and family. It is a great time of the year!

I really can’t wait to have a family of my own one day so I can start the traditions that I love with them!