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I remember the day when the 2010 Olympic city was announced. I went in to work late so I could stay home and watch it live. It was so exciting to hear Vancouvers name announced. I can’t believe we are now just weeks away from the opening ceremonies. The city is definitely in the final preparation stages. The tents around the downtown core are being erected. Road closures are starting. There is a definite buzz in the city.

Yesterday I started to plan my Olympic experience. I want to embrace the Olympics being here and immerse myself in all this beautiful city has to offer. There is so much to do besides just going to see or watch the actual sporting events.

The two Livecity sites are free to attend. They will have big screens that will show some of the events (like hockey) as well as have live music. The downtown location (Georgia and Beatty) is licensed while the Yaletown location (David Lam Park) is more of a family environment. Check out the website at www.livecityvancouver.com for all the details and event listings.

Heineken House looks like a must attend. It is in what is being coined as the Richmond Ozone and is housed in Minoru Park. It has a restaurant which will take reservations, a store to buy Heineken merchandise and of course lots of beer!!!

The Irish Pavilion is going to be next to Doolins Pub and who doesn’t love a little Irish music and a couple pints of beer.

Other houses… Russia House at Science World, Switzerland House at Bridges and the French Quarters on Granville Island as well. And so much more. Check out http://www.citycaucus.com/2010freevenues for a full list of all of them.

I have also heard rumours of a German beer garden by Steamworks in gastown… I sense a beer theme happening here.

Molson Canadian Hockey House would be amazing to attend if you can afford it. Tickets did drop to $99 but most of the good days are sold out already. And just announced today was ClubBud which is putting on five rockin parties at the Commodore. No word on how to actually get tickets though.

And there are a ton of different cultural events happening in the city too.

So in finding out all this information out, I have decided I need to put a calendar together in order to plan this all out. What days to just wander the city, what days to go into work early so I can leave to watch the hockey games, what nights to check out some free bands, what nights to drink some beers at the many different houses, what nights to work out and stay at home and watch the games. I have my 2010 gear bought and ready to wear with pride. It is going to be a fun two weeks. I hope my liver thinks so too!