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Hockey Day. I think if you are a hockey fan, you were waiting for this day. Canada’s first hockey game of the tournament! I was pretty much excited from the time I woke up and was counting down the hours till the game started!

But before the hockey game could start, Canada had hopes in the Women’s Snowboard Cross event and our athletes did not disappoint! Maelle Ricker won the Gold in an amazing performance!

From her winning run, to hockey. We managed to get into The Shark Club although it was standing room only. It was a sea of red! And has to be said, a lot of drunken people who probably could care less about hockey and just wanted to party! But they were harmless and actually pretty funny, so ended up to splitting my time watching hockey and all of them! It was a solid defeat of the Norway team. 8-0. It was so great to see Roberto Luongo get the start and record a shut out in front of his legions of Vancouver Canuck fans!

Jen, Jimmy, Arlana and I

We score!!

Alexisonfire was playing at the LiveCity Yaletown site so we made our way down there. The line up went really quickly even though it looked completely intimidating! It was a cold night to have to wait two hours for the show but we were hoping it would be worth it.

Arlana, me and Sue

Unfortunately, about 20 sec into the first song, there was a crush towards the front and a barrier broke and ended up hurting a few people. They stopped immediately but because of some of the injuries, the show was cancelled. I was worried about the reaction from the thousands of people at the cancellation but everyone left without incident. Too bad about the show but I just hope anyone who was injured is ok.

Alexisonfire (as they took the stage)