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Day 6. I have to admit that I am happy Monday was a rest day because this week has been busy. Working all day and then enjoying the Olympic experience at night. That being said, I still have been in bed at a decent time every night. Priorities right?

Last night, we checked out the Minus 5 Lounge that has been set up on the patio at Monk McQueens. Clearly it is not a place you want to be spending hours in because it freakin cold! But it was fun to check out, have a drink and take some pictures!

Arlana and I

I was lucky enough to have been invited to an event at Sochi House. It was weird to walk into Science World and see zero resemblance of what it used to be. They really did a great job of transforming it into a place of information and fun.

The lower floor is dedicated to Sochi’s plans for the next Winter Olympics including a model of the town. Vancouver was lucky to have a lot of the event buildings etc in place but Sochi has to start from scratch.

Upstairs is where the club is located with a bar, dance floor and a stage for the bands. There is a VIP area with “pods” to sit in with lots of TV’s for Olympic viewing. We had a really good time! Careful at the bar though… they free pour that vodka!!

Russian Dancers

Pods in the VIP Lounge.

Hanging out at the bar.

Trying to score!!

To end the night, we were able to catch the fireworks that are held nightly at 10:45.