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Day 8 was a busy one. As Coke is one of our partners, we were invited for a tour of the Coke house before it opened to the public. Wow, are the people who work there ever a bundle of happiness…. constantly reminding us to “Open Happiness”. It was a lot of fun. We were able to get our pictures taken with the torch and there were a lot of interactive games. And of course, the Coke polar bear which we took pictures with.

Laughing with the Coke bear.

We were then brought to the VIP area where we had some lunch and people watched from above. Their patio has a great view of the Livecity stage. It would be an amazing place to watch some of the shows.

Coke VIP Lounge

We also had an opportunity to go see Sochi House again and were able to bypass the line. Thank goodness because the lineup looked hours long. I had already been to Sochi House so we had a quick tour and then made our way back to Yaletown for lunch.

Nothing like a spring day in Vancouver. Ok, I know it is supposed to be the “winter” Olympics and all but I love this weather!

The passes that we had to get into the Livecity Yaletown site also worked for the Downtown site so we used them to go see Canada House and get our pictures taken with the torch again and a bobsled! Pretty sure Canada House isn’t worth the 10 million they spent on it, but it was good to check out all the same.

Lisa, Cathy and I working the bobsled.

We also checked out Manitoba House. Not much to see in there.

I then met up with Brandon who showed up in a vintage 80’s Canada track suit…. only a very special few can pull that off!

Brandon stretching.

After a beer with Brandon, it was off to meet Susan back at the Livecity Downtown site where we again were able to get in through the guest entrance (pretty much the best thing ever). They told us that the Stanley Cup was in Canada House and you could get your picture taken with it. Having my picture taken with the Stanley Cup is on my Bucket list so of course we lined up to get a picture. I was like a kid in a candy store. So excited I could hardly stand it!

Well I can tick this one off the Bucket List!!

We went for a drink in the beer garden after our cup pictures were taken and watched as Jon Montgomery won the Gold in Skeleton. That sport is just ridiculous. Going head first at speeds like that seems insane to me but what an exciting win!

I decided to walk home since it was such a nice night. I had forgotten that Deadmau5 was playing at Livecity Yaletown so I thought I would walk by it on my way. I forgot that I still had my pass, so just as an experiment, I went to the guest entrance and walked right in. Sweet!


Listened to half the set and went on my way. It was a bit chaotic outside the gates, so I was glad to have left when I did. I walked over the Burrard Street Bridge and had another great view of the Vectoral Elevation. Seeing that was a perfect end to what was a very long day!

Vectoral elevation