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Today I made my first attempt at going to Heineken House. We waited in line for an hour, when we were told it was shut down for the night. I guess they were at capacity and only letting in people with accreditation or passports. I think I will have to try on a day when there are no medal hopefuls!!

Heineken House

We did manage to see Pat Quinn though which was very cool. He was dropping the puck on a street hockey game at the Richmond Oval. He seemed to be in good spirits despite coaching the always losing Edmonton Oilers!

Pat Quinn

We headed back downtown in hopes of getting into Ontario House not realizing that Broken Social Scene was playing that night so we decided to try Quebec House instead. There was a short line up but we didn’t have to wait long. There is really not much in the open roofed square house but a stage and a food/drink area. We were lucky enough to grab a table which thrilled me as I had been on my feet all day.

When the band came on we were blown away. The Lost Fingers are a jazz trio  from Quebec that haved created amazing arrangements of some classic hits. They made my night. What a wonderful surprise!

Sue, Catherine and me with The Lost Fingers, Byron Mikaloff

We then went to Rodney’s Oyster House for one last cocktail before heading home. We walked through Yaletown to get there and once again I was amazed by the amount of people. It is just crazy downtown at night right now. But the vibe is great. Everyone seems like they are just out to have a great time. And why not? We might as well all enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.