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Day 12… I am not going to lie… I am fading.

Day 12 was about my mom and I. We met in the morning and walked downtown to take in some of the pavilions before heading off to Pacific Coliseum to watch the Women’s Short program figure skating competition.

Ontario Pavilion

Mom and I. Picture was taken at the Saskatchewan Pavilion.

We walked up to Yaletown for lunch. First stop was Earls Restaurant. They immediately told us about a 20% auto gratuity which I wasn’t too pleased with but when I looked at how much they had jacked up their prices, we decided to go to Yaletown Brewery. Seriously, what normally was a $13 salad, they were charging $19.50 for. Not really in the Olympic spirit to gouge people is it? We had a great time at Yaletown Brewery though… proud of mom for drinking a beer with me!

Bell Ice Cube.

I enjoyed the Bell Ice Cube. With so many screens to choose from, it was a great place to catch the women’s ski cross quarter finals.

We then made our way back to the car and off to Pacific Coliseum. It felt like the entrance was 500 miles away. They make you walk practically to the other side of the PNE grounds before you could enter. And since it was raining, I was a little grumpy… and cold!

The skating happened to start at the same time as the Canada vs Germany mens hockey game so I had my blackberry out getting text updates and checking Twitter. I was happy that we were kicking some ass there so I could relax and enjoy the skating.

There were really some amazing performances. Especially that of Kim Yu-Na from Korea and of course our own Joannie Rochette, whose emotional performance, brought everyone to tears. How she pulled out that performance after losing her mother just a few days before is beyond me!

Kim Yu-Na of Korea. Sits in first place after the short program.

Canada’s Joannie Rochette. In 3rd place going into the long program.

Day 12 complete. A long but fun day!