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I thought the Canada vs Russia game was going to be for the Gold medal. Instead it was a quarter final game with the winner moving onto the semi finals. And the loser, would be done for the tournament. And was I ever a nervous wreck.

I should have known that good things were going to happen when we went to the Livecity Downtown site to watch the game though and there was no line up. A good omen!!

Some new and old friends. Go Canada Go!

The Canadian team scored right away and they didn’t let up. I thought the game was going to be a tight one but did not expect us to win like we did. It was amazing!

The energy at Livecity was crazy!

And it didn’t let up after the game either. Our women bobsled teams were racing and the crowd went crazy as we went 1 and 2…. another Gold and Silver for Canada!

Bobsled medalists!

I love how, no matter what the sport, whether it be bobsled, hockey or ice dance, that Canadians are 100% behind the athletes! It is an amazing thing to witness and be a part of!

Before leaving the Livecity site, we checked out Canada House and got our picture taken with an Olympic torch. I already have a few pictures with it, but I seriously love this photo!

We then decided to check out Granville and Robson street which we knew would be filled with people celebrating the big hockey win. It was so fun to see the excitement! There were high fives with strangers, spontaneous “Oh Canada’s” and just overall joy!

Granville Street

And to end the night? Why not a little skating at Robson Square skating rink. I am not a skater… like at all. I would say I shuffle more than skate and use the boards to stop! Knowing how bad I am, I have full respect for the athletes that can spin and jump like they do. We had a good time though.

Arlana and I attempting to skate