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It is no shock to a lot of my friends that I have been down in the dumps lately. Just feeling depressed and tired. I had an awful weekend of feeling sorry for myself and eating crap. I  know I needed to make a change and for me that change starts with what I eat and how much I move. So it is back to the Body for Life program. When I am on a strict Body for Life program, I feel so much better about myself. Better about what I am fueling my body with which gives me more energy. And because I am working out a lot, I feel strong and confident!

For the next 13 weeks, Body for Life is going to be my life. For the next 13 weeks it is going to be all about me!!!

The workout plan:


Morning – weights (upper body)

Evening – kickboxing


Run – 40 min


Morning – weights (lower body)

Evening – kickboxing


Morning – 40min run


Morning – weighs (upper body)

Evening – kickboxing


Morning – 60 min (or more) run



The Meal Plan:

6:30am Breakfast

9:30am Snack

12:00pm Lunch

2:30pm Snack

5:30pm Dinner

8:00pm Snack

I could go into detail about the food program but it is basically about combining the right amount of protein with the right amount of healthy carbs. You can find out more about the program at www.bodyforlife.com

Although it means some early mornings and a lot of meal preparation, I am so pumped about doing this again. And hopefully after the 13 weeks (and after I get back from Italy because lets face it, I am going to be eating more then my fair share of carbs over there) this won’t be just something I did for 13 weeks but it will become a way of life for me. Again.