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This post is about a week late but better late than never!

Last Sunday I went up to Whistler with Susan for the last time this season and managed to snowboard on what I think was the best day of the season. There wasn’t any new snow but the conditions were awesome! I find that snow in the spring can often get really sticky but the snow was great! I was lucky enough to be able to ride in a lot of powder this year but I preferred the conditions we got on this sunny spring day!

The best part of the day was that there was no one on the mountain! Everyone was missing out! We managed to get in a ton of runs as there were zero line ups at the chair lifts!

After lunch it was almost too warm to ride with a jacket on and with every run I had a bigger smile on my face. I have talked before about snowboarding being my mountain therapy and this day was a really great session!

Adding to this already stellar spring day was the patios waiting for us in the village. Stripping down (as much as we could) we sat on the patio at the Longhorn, having a beer and listening to the band. A perfect ending!  The only bad thing of the day…. was having to leave and head back to the city. Oh and the goggle sun burn that I am still paying for!


Side note: I think most of the people who read my blog know what a big fan I was of the Olympics so I had to take the below picture as we were heading to the gondola to make our way down to the village. I still get a warm fuzzy feeling looking at a Canadian flag and remember the 17 days of pure awesomeness that was held in Whistler and in Vancouver.