Ok so I know I have written about my trip before but I can’t believe it is just 14 sleeps away.

I think it will finally sink in this weekend when I pull my suitcase out and start to get organized. I am really going to have to show restraint when packing because I am flying Air Transat and Ryan Air and they have serious weight restrictions. I am the typical girl who packs a huge bag to go to Whistler for 2 days so packing for a 2 weeks holiday is going to be a chore. I mean, I won’t know what I am going to feel like wearing that day, so isn’t it best to have all sorts of options? Like everything I own? But in all seriousness, I am travelling to Italy and there are going to be things purchased. Prada Outlets anyone? I must have enough room to bring things back with me.

We are going to be driving around Italy, so I had to get an international drivers license which I got this past week. Why are those photos always so awful? I look dead in it. I was saying that I need to learn to smeyes (Tyra Banks term for smiling with the eyes) to bring some life to those types of pics. My friend Sue text me after she got hers done… “I look like I am in a wind tunnel with a receding hairline”. Classic. We have a great Italy road map that should help us stay on track and I have printed out google maps. I love my google map collection: Cortona hotel to Prada outlet. Prada Outlet to Greve hotel. Greve hotel to The Mall outlets. I have my priorities!

We also have a lot of the main attractions in Rome and Florence booked already so we can bypass the lines. The last thing I want to do is waste time in a lineup. We have booked the Colosseum, Galleria Borghese Museum and The Vatican in Rome. In Florence we booked the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace and the Accademia Gallery. Feels good to be organized!

It’s going to be another great trip. I get to travel with a good friend, attend the wedding of another and see a part of Europe that I have been wanting to see forever. 14 sleeps. Can’t wait!