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When I first heard “High Road” by Broken Bells, I was taken. Love the song and immediately bought the album on its release. I am a huge fan of The Shins so it isn’t surprising that I would like Broken Bells which features James Mercer, the lead singer for The Shins. It also features Brian Burton who some might know as Danger Mouse.

I jumped at the chance to get tickets to their show in Vancouver and was thrilled that they were playing at the Commodore. Such a great venue to really get a chance to see any band up close and personal.

Broken Bells

Broken Bells did not disappoint. With a big band backing both James and Brian (a total of 7), they played through most of the album with the addition of a few covers.

Brian on keyboard and James singing.

Has to be said, although I loved the show, I wish there had been some more audience interaction. A little more engagement from the band to really draw me in. That would have taken the show, for me, from being great to amazing!