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5 flights down. 2 to go. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City late morning and again took a taxi to our hotel. I thought Hanoi was busy. Ho Chi Minh City is WAY busier than Hanoi. Amid all the chaos (and an accident- a girl on a moped hit our cab), we got to our hotel. Well it took some searching for it actually. We walked by it the first time and only found it after back tracking.

Our room wasn’t ready so we changed into some more suitable clothes for the weather. It was SO humid and hot so we needed light clothing on. We hit the streets to find some food. Within feet we found the Le Pub of HCMC…. we laughed that we had found it that easy (we had spent some time in the Le Pub in Hanoi) and decided to have lunch & a beer there. The food was ok. The beer as always hit the spot.

Our mission for the day was to see the Reunification Palace, the post office and Notre Dame. We eventually found the Reunification Palace after a good 30 minute walk but of course it was closed for an hour. So we made our way a block to see Notre Dame. Also closed. So not a good start to our day! We decided that we would go back to the palace and wait it out.

The Reunification Palace is like going back in time. It is so retro!!


We were exhausted at this point and wanted a nap so made our way back to the hotel. Our room was so cute but only one problem… there were no windows. I don’t think I have ever stayed in a hotel with no windows before but it was all good.  It was a comfortable room so we didn’t care! We napped the afternoon away and then got ready for our dinner. We had heard that the view from the Rex Hotel was great so we ventured down that way. A little scary trying to cross the busy streets.  An example of one of the round abouts we had to cross.


The view from the Rex Hotel was wonderful. We had a great meal. A few cocktails and listened to their hilarious lounge singer who entertained the crowds.

We took a detour on the way back to the hotel just to see more of the city. Love the streets at night!

The next day we took a taxi to one of the markets and spent the next hours puttering around all the aisles. Holy busy! But what a great experience! So much to see!

There were a bunch of pagodas on our list to see and luckily there were not too far from the market so we made our way from one to another until Susan couldn`t take the incense smoke anymore. Her eyes were stinging so badly!

I loved spending time in the pagodas and watching the people who come in. Of course there are a lot of tourists but it is so interesting watching people who come in to worship.

We then made our way back to town to the Ben Thanh market and wandered around there. I had heard a lot about the market mainly for pick pocketing but it was really nothing special unless you wanted to buy cheap clothes. We didn`t stay long. Instead we went for a nice cold bear and a pub close to our hotel.

Another thing we hadn`t experienced yet was taking a ride on the bike taxi`s so we negotiated a rated to take us to Notre Dame and off we went!

My little driver was quite funny and although I saw my life flash in front of me once when a very large bus got close to us, we made it in one piece!

Unfortately we couldn`t walk all the way through the Notre Dame cathedral as there was a wedding taking place but we were able to stand at the end at watch for a bit. Very strange watching random people get married but the ceremony was beautiful.

And with an early dinner and an early night, we said our goodbyes to Ho Chi Minh City. And very much looked forward to spending some time in Hong Kong.