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Oh how I hate to fly. Even more so on tiny prop engine planes. Our flight to Nha Trang was not a fun one for me. Way to turbulent for my liking. But we landed safe and sound and that was all that mattered!

The airport is about 30 minutes outside of the resort area so we grabbed a taxi and headed to town!

Nha Trang is your typical beach town. Beautiful sandy beaches lined with hotels. This was exactly what we needed at this point in our vacation. We didn’t waste much time in our hotel (Asia Paradise), We ate a quick breakfast, changed into our bathing suits and off we went to the beach. We wanted to get there early and get us a little beach cabana to chill out under all day. We chose the Sailing Club and paid 30,000 dong ($1.50) for the use of a cabana for the day. Just as we were settling in, we saw Caley and Kyle walk by.  We were not supposed to see them until that night but of course we would randomly run into eachother!! So they settled in beside us.

Before long the wind picked up. Apparently this wind hits the beach every day around 11am. It can really blow! But it did keep you cool on a very hot day!

We lounged until about 3. People watched and laughed at people in the ocean as they got thrown about. The waves were super big! By the time we got back to the hotel, I was feeling a bit red. And by the time it was time to get ready for dinner, I was a full on lobster! That wind, although cooling, also masked the fact that we were frying our asses off!

We had to deal with the peddlers trying to sell us stuff throughout the day but you just say no a couple times and they will leave you alone. Or you can just ignore them. That worked too.

There were a lot of kite surfers out on the water and I managed to get some cool shots!


And then there was this poor woman with her feet just a dangling. She doesn’t look comfortable at all!

We had a little nap before getting ready for dinner. Sue and I picked a mediteranean place to eat that night. Needed a good full stomach for our night of drinks with Caley and Kyle. We then walkled the block to the Guava Bar (Sports Bar) to meet up with them. I am sure it is a great place to watch sports but was kind of dead that night so we had a drink with them and then we made our way down the street to the other Guava Bar that was much more happening. They had a band playing and it was quite packed. We sat outside on the patio as it was a lovely evening. I was looking around for the owner who I was introduced to on facebook through a friend. I finally found him and he came over and had a drink with us. There were some shots. Lots of vodka. Lots of conversation. Good times.

When Sue and I got back to the hotel we were happy to see the security guard hard at work… actually the exact opposite. He was sleeping in his chair outside the hotel.

The next morning, I was in a little bit of a vodka fog. I definitely needed to eat and drink a lot of water! But we were still up early and wanted to get to the beach in good time. This day we decided to head down a bit from the Sailing Club and plunk down at Louisiane Brewhouse. The cabanas were slim pickins but we managed to find one eventually. Again, the day was about lounging. We had a bit to eat. We tried their beer. We swam in the pool. We people watched which meant having to watch the guy with the red banana hammock all day long. It was like a train wreck. We couldn’t stop staring.

Caley: “The guy with the banana hammock just turned over!”

Kyle: ” I will take your word for it!” 

And then it was time for Caley, Sue and I to go for our massages. We had booked at one place but when we went buy it, it looked suspect so we ended up at Crazy Kim’s Spa.

The massage was really quite good but it was so cold in the room. They had this fan blasting. By the time the massage was done I was shaking I was so cold. And spent the next 2 hours under 2 massive blankets trying to get warm. All the while googling symptoms and was convinced I had malaria! I eventually stopped shaking but still felt totally out of it. I think it must have been a combination of being dehydrated and some sun stroke.

We met Caley and Kyle for dinner at a restaurant on the main strip. Had a lovely meal. No booze for me. I just needed water, water and more water! And then it was time to say our goodbyes to our lovely Canadian friends! They were staying one more day in Nha Trang before continuing on their travels and Sue and I were heading to Ho Chi Minh City in the morning.

Besides the near malaria scare, Nha Trang was just what the doctor ordered! Total relaxation in a beautiful setting!