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So this post is late but better late than never!

My friend Sue and I had been talking about seeing a Steel Panther show since we found out about them a couple years ago but we kept missing them when they came up to Vancouver. We finally got our schedules together and got tickets to their show March 10th.

We knew it was going to be ridiculous because well, have your heard their lyrics?? And they did not disappoint! They were ridiculously awesome!!!

Sue and I got right up front. Not sure if that was a good idea or a bad one but as soon as they came on, I got a beer dumped all over me.

Besides the masses in the crowd who took them SOOO serious we had a great time! I am not sure that some of the crowd knew they are a faux band. That it is kind of a joke on the glam rock band era of the 80’s. But I give people props for dressing up and making a night out of it!

Here are the pictures… you be the judge. Serious? Or not? But regardless how can you not seriously love them!

And for those of you not familiar with their lyrics, they are crude and rude. But they put on a good show. I mean check the video out, even the security guard was singing along!

And White Snake’s classic “Here I go Again”.

We came. We saw. We bought the t-shirt.