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I am a Canucks fan. Big time. I watch practically every game throughout the season. And I have been heart broken when their playoff run has been over in previous years. But this year is different. This team is different. This team is Western Conference Champions and is going to the Stanely Cup Final!!!

It was an incredible year to get to where they are now. We won the Presidents Trophy. We have another Art Ross trophy winner and a bunch of players up for other awards too! But all of that doesn’t matter going into the playoffs. You have to win. And win we did.

When I found out we were playing Chicago in the first round I was worried. They had ousted us from the playoffs the previous two years and although I know they were not the same team, I still was worried about this round. And I had a right to be nervous! They took us to game 7. Thank god Burrows scored that goal in OT!!! Blackhawk down.

Bring on Nashville. For some reason, I wasn’t worried about this series but I knew we were up against a stellar goalie in Pekka Rinne. We found a way to win though in 6 games. So much for the Nash Clash.

The nerves were back heading into the Western Conference Finals. The Sharks are a big team! But we outplayed them. The Sedins were back on fire and Luongo was incredible. And with Bieksa’s strange goal in the 2nd OT of game 5… well… we are the Western Conference Champions and heading to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994. Sorry San Jose. Not this year.

I think it must have taken a minute or so for me to realize what that winning goal meant. And then it was a lot of “I can’t believe it”, “Is this real” and “oh my gods”.

The Stanley Cup final…. a dream come true for me and all the other crazy devoted fans of the Vancouver Canucks. 4 wins to go and the cup is ours. Wow.