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Saturday was a perfect day. Seriously sunny! A rare thing here in Vancouver these days. People were out and about in full force!

I met up with my friend Simone and we walked from Kitsilano to Rogers Arena to take in some of the Party in the Plaza. Amazing how many people came out! From a DJ, to facepainting to people getting the Canucks logo shaved into their hair! The energy was electric!

We then walked up to Granville to see what the action was like there. Another sea of blue. You could sense the excitement in the air. Almost game time!

We literally had to fight our way through the crowds to get to St. Regis Bar and Grill where we were watching the game. Reservations are the key people! No waiting! No lineups!

We had a blast watching the game. There is nothing like being surrounded by friends who are all there to cheer on the Vancouver Canucks. And there is nothing better than watching your team win. But more than that, there is nothing better than watching your team go up two games in the Stanley Cup finals! We are 2 wins away from what this city has been waiting for the last 40 years.

We left the bar and poured out into the streets with the rest of the city. Granville Street was insane. High fives. Big smiles. Cheers and chants of “We want the Cup!`. This is the Olympics x100 because this is our team. This is our Vancouver Canucks and we are all in this together!


Note: I took a ton of pictures on Saturday and will update this post with those soon!