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It may have been a Monday but you wouldn’t know it! People were at work yes and work was getting done but I think everyone was mostly thinking about the Vancouver Canucks and the fact that it was game day! So much excitement!! Our office was buzzing. Chatter about the game. Hands and faces being painted. Pictures being taken. We were ready to rock this game!!

We convened for a cocktail prior to heading to Rogers Arena to watch the game. So amazing that even though it was an away game they managed to sell out the place. The organization did it right. $10 for a ticket and the money went to Canucks for Kids Fund.

The environment was great not unlike home games. People just excited to see their team play! And what a great opportunity for those who can’t afford playoff tickets to at least get a sense of what the vibe is like….

Although, game 3 was not the best night for this. The Canucks got blown out 8-1. But what frustrated me the most was people filing out of the building before the game was over. Come on people!!! This is OUR team!!! We must support them through thick and thin! A loss is a loss is a loss. It doesn’t matter if it is 3-2 or 8-1! You are either supporting the team or your aren’t. So they had a bad game? It happens! Surely you didn’t think we were going to sweep them? I mean this is the Stanely Cup Final! Boston is there for a reason….because they are a good team!

Just like the players, fans need to shake the loss off and look to the next game. I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table for game 4!