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I am not sure there are really words for how I felt after game 6. I really wanted us to win it in Boston mainly because I just don’t handle game 7 situations very well. But we didn’t win it in Boston. I felt like we played a solid game in the second and third period. But the first period… could we maybe just go back and have those first 10 minutes back?

I was pretty emotionless through much of the game. I needed to give myself a talking to after the first period and get back in the game. We still had another game after all!

And I am so tired of people jumping all over Luongo. Did he play great? No! Although he didn’t get much help from the D. Did we need him to be? Yes! But it is what it is. He is still a goalie that has gotten us to the Stanley Cup Finals and has taken us farther than any other goalie for a long time.

But I am happy for Schneider because I thought he played great. And it was great for his parents to be able to see him play in a game!

And I am happy we got on the board. That we were able to get some past Thomas and go into game 7 knowing that we CAN score against him. (I love how I am always saying “we”. Like I am a part of the team. But I do feel like we all are!)

As I walked home, I walked along Granville Street and through the crowds. People were quiet but I still sensed optimism. I saw people high fiving each other. People laughing and smiling. It was great to clear my head.

Tomorrow is a new day. And could be the day we win the Stanley Cup.