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What do you even say about last night? What we should be talking about is how the Vancouver Canucks took us on an amazing journey to the Stanley Cup Finals. We should be congratulating Boston on a well deserved win led by Thomas who was lights out as their goalie, but the focus is on the riots that happened afterwards.

I am going to say very little about the riots. The people who took part are idiots and not Canucks fans. They were there to start trouble and that is it. They have painted all Vancouverites and Canucks fans in a bad light and it overshadowed what should have been a night of celebration.

What I do want to say is that I am so proud of the Vancouver Canucks. Like I said, they took us on an incredible journey and although they didn’t win the cup, it was fun just to be along for the ride. For the last few months we have believed in blue and for the true fans of the Vancouver Canucks, we will believe in blue today, tomorrow and always.

I know people are disappointed we didn’t win last night. I am disappointed. But most of all I am heartbroken for all the players on the Canucks who didn’t get to claim the prize they so covet. I think that is what brought me to tears last night. It wasn’t that we didn’t win but that I wanted it so badly…. for them.

And so the city and players are left still seeking Stanley but I am left with admiration for the team that almost got us there.