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So i love music. I try to see a lot of shows and I have an eclectic taste in music. But I have an admission to make. I kind of have a thing for the boy bands. Or I used to. I remember in high school loving New Kids but was too ashamed to ever let anyone know. I remember going into a music store with my mom one day and bought the New Kids tape (Yes, I am that old) and told my mom it was a birthday gift for a friend. I couldn’t even admit to my mom that I liked them!

I remember when NKOTB got back together and went out on tour. I thought that would be my chance to revisit my youth and finally see them live. Got the tickets. Went to the show. But alas, drinking that bottle of wine before the show might now have been a great idea. I barely recall being there. Ok my bad. It happens right?

Cut to a couple years later when they decide to go on tour with the Backstreet Boys. Really? Yes, please! So I beg my friend who has some great connections to get me stellar tickets which I happily paid for. And finally the weekend had arrived! They were playing two nights. Saturday and Sunday and I had tickets to the Sunday show. Until i woke up Sunday morning and looked at the tickets…. the tickets were for the night before. Ok. Is this the universe telling me that this was not meant to be? I screamed, not going to lie, there were some tears and then I focussed. I called up Showtime tickets and bought two tickets to the Sunday night show at double the original price I paid. This show better have been worth it!

Showtime. I loved it. And I mean I really loved it! The way they weaved together the two bands was perfect and they played all the great songs. You could tell both NKOTB and BSB were having a blast and in turn everyone in the audience did too. Susan and I laughed and sang and danced the entire time. They put on a great show and it was worth every cent. And to feel like I was 16 again…. priceless.


Matthew Morrisson opened up for NKOTBSB.