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Now that I am well into the third trimester, this baby thing is becoming real. In our baby class we are going through the labour stages and the different options out there for pain management. I am nervous about labour but I know this baby is coming out one way or the other. I am more nervous about what happens after the baby is born.

I have held babies but have never been around one for long periods of time. Never babysat a child under the age of 5. Never changed a diaper. And now my husband and I are going to be responsible for this little guy all on our own? Like immediately?

It’s terrifying. People keep telling me that your instincts just kick in which for our babies sake, I am hoping that is true. As the babies birth approaches, it seems I have been Googling the most simple of things. How to change a diaper, how to bathe a baby, breastfeeding questions, how to get your baby to stop crying, and on and on. I feel like there is just so much I don’t know.

And then how is the relationship between my husband and I going to change? Our life together is not going to be the same and how will we react to this major change. I am lucky to have him as an amazing support and he has been my calming influence throughout this pregnancy. We are a great team. My hope is that although we will be parents, we will still be that awesome couple together who weather all storms but grow together as we raise this little boy.

I guess I just have to embrace all the fears and worries and know that we will make mistakes. That no one is perfect. Because ready or not, this baby is coming.