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I couldn’t wait for the day that I got pregnant. Having a family was super important to me so when I finally met the Mr Right, I was super excited to start a family. But I was clueless about how many changes your body goes through and how hard being pregnant could be.

What I didn’t know about being pregnant:

  1.  I had it lucky. I did not throw up but I was unprepared for the nauseousness I did feel and how often. And they call it morning sickness? Well for me it was in the afternoons and evenings.
  2.  I had no idea how hungry I would be all the time. I could eat all day long.
  3. Who knew that although you are hungry all the time, you get full so much faster! I eat small meals and snacks all day long. I probably eat 1/2 of the amount I would have pre pregnancy.
  4. I was unprepared for how anxious I would be. The first trimester I was a mess of worry. Worrying about how this baby was developing and if something was going to happen. I am 38 after all and based on everything I read, the odds seemed to be against us. When I finally had the NT scan done and everything looked good was when I first started to relax and actually enjoy being pregnant. Now I worry about not feeling the baby move enough or what labour is really going to be like etc. I guess the worrying doesn’t really every stop does it?
  5. I didn’t realize how upset I would be with my changing body. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to be having this baby and to be carrying him but as someone who works out a lot, it was hard to see the numbers on the scale go up and up and up.
  6. I didn’t know how puffy I would get. My face is puffy. My hands are puffy. My wedding rings stopped fitting a month ago. I bought a cheap ring to wear on my wedding finger to tie me over until they fit again. They will fit again, right?
  7.  I didn’t know about all the aches and pains. I know people talk about back pain so I was expecting that but the cramps, the sharp pains and hip pains. Clueless. A heating pad and hot water bottle have been my friend throughout my pregnancy.
  8. My feet grew. My shoes are all tighter than normal and I hear they might not go back to the size they were before. Um, do you know how many pairs of shoes I own?
  9. I expected I would have to go to the bathroom all the time but I didn’t realize how much.
  10. Flatulence. My husband has just gotten used to the fact that I have no control over this. I had no idea this was a part of pregnancy.
  11. I had heard that people love to rub your belly but come on? Why do people feel that it is ok to touch your belly? I guess I just assumed people would ask. They don’t.
  12. I knew my boobs would get big but I didn’t expect this.
  13. What’s up with that brown line on my belly? Common yes? Did I have a clue? No.
  14. Everyone has an opinion on everything from what you should or shouldn’t eat to how you should raise your child.
  15. I didn’t realize that I would become a person without an identity. I feel like I am a vessel for grandchildren etc.
  16. I was so excited to finally feel the baby move but then was completely weirded out at the same time. What… their is actually a little person in there? It is trippy! There really is no feeling like it.
  17. I expected to crave pickles and ice cream. I haven’t had any cravings at all despite wanting to eat all the time. And I haven’t had any food aversions either. Well, I am not a fan of yoghurt right now but was I ever really?
  18. There really is something about this nesting phase. I became a woman obsessed with getting the nursery ready and preparing for his arrival.
  19. I had no idea that I would cry all the time. My poor husband. I will cry at anything. I will start to laugh and then start to cry. Anything can set me off. I have cried more in the last couple months than I have for the last couple years.
  20. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to move. I mean it makes sense but I consider myself a fit and flexible person but add a bowling ball on your belly and being fit means nothing. Getting up. Putting on shoes. Shaving your legs. Rolling over. Walking upstairs. All have become incredibly difficult.
  21. There is no way around it. At some point, you will start to waddle. And there is no way to make it look cute.
  22. My belly itches. It totally makes sense when you think about it. Skin stretching and all of that. Moisturizing is key! But don’t be fooled into thinking lubing up will prevent stretch marks. If you are going to get them, you are going to get them. None of those miracle creams will help. They will help with the itchiness though.
  23. The one most common thing people ask you when you are pregnant “How are you feeling?”
  24. Your hair gets awesome when pregnant. Thicker and shinier. Seriously rock it!
  25. I didn’t realize how all consuming being pregnant is. It is really hard to concentrate on anything else. I am constantly thinking about the baby and all the things left to do and about the birth and what will happen when we take the baby home.
  26. Baby brain is fact and not just an excuse.
  27. There are a few TMI facts about pregnancy that I am not going to mention, but those who have been pregnant or are pregnant will know what I am talking about. Who knew?

There is so much going on during pregnancy. When one symptom disappears, another one appears but the thought of meeting this little guy at the end of the day, far outweighs all the discomfort and pain along the way.  In just 12 weeks, I could have this little bundle of joy in my arms. That will be worth it.